The Organizers

Both the Qualification and Finals rounds of the RED competition are developed by members of the NYU Tandon OSIRIS Lab. This year, Marcus Barbu,  Momo Amin, and John Cunniff serve as the leads. The storyline and evidence map were designed by Marcus Barbu. 

The organizing partners from CSAW's global regions are listed below. 

CSAW Europe | CSAW MENA | CSAW México | CSAW US-Canada



Quentin Giorgi, Faculty Lead


csaw18-placeholder-img.pngMarouene Boubakri, Challenge Lead

csaw18-placeholder-img.pngMohamed Hamdi, Faculty Lead

Dr. Mohamed Hamdi received his PhD in telecommunications from the Engineering School of Communications (Sup’Com, Tunisia) on 2005. From 2001 to 2005 he worked for the National Digital Certification Agency (NDCA, Tunisia) where he was head of the Risk Analysis Team. Dr. Hamdi was in charge to build the security strategy for the Tunisian root Certification Authority and to continuously assess the security of the NDCA’s networked infrastructure. He has also served in various national technical committees for securing e-government services. He co-authored more than 50 papers that have been published in international journals and conferences. Currently, Dr. Hamdi is serving as an assistant professor for the Engineering School of Communications at Tunis. He is also member of the Communication Networks and Security Lab (Coordinator of the Formal Aspects of Network Security Research Team), where Dr. Hamdi is conducting research activities in the areas of risk management, algebraic modeling, intrusion detection, network forensics, and wireless sensor networks.

CSAW México-University Iberoamericana


Felipe Trujillo Fernández, Faculty Lead


Montserrat Devars Peralta, Challenge Lead

CSAW US-Canada-NYU Tandon School of Engineering


Momopranto Amin: Global Challenge Lead

csaw18-placeholder-img.pngMarcus Barbu: Global Challenge Lead

nasir-memon.pngNasir Memon: Faculty Lead

Nasir Memon is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the founder and director of the Offensive Security, Incident Response and Internet Security laboratory ...  read more


Check out the Red Team competition online qualification round scoreboard.