Final Judges/Challenge Authors

Alexi Bulazel | River Loop Security, LLC

Nick Burnett | Ret2 Systems

Sophia D'Antoine | Senior Security Researcher, Trail of Bits

Markus Gaasedelen | Ret2 Systems

Xiaofei Guo | Technical Leader, Cisco Tetration Analytics

Mark Ignacio | Security Engineer, Facebook

Joe Kale | Cyber Engineer, Raytheon CSI

IPS Research at Palo Alto Networks 

Cody McMahon | Cyber Engineer, Raytheon CSI

Mikhail Sosonkin | Director of Research & Data, Synack

Shane Welch | Raytheon CSI

Preliminary Judges/Challenge Writers

Kevin Chung | CTFd LLC

Markus Gaasedelen | Ret2 Systems

Eric Liang

Chris Thompson


See the finalists of CSAW'17 CTF.