In the Embedded Security Challenge (ESC), a Blue Team designs a target system. A Red Teams try to hack it.

A team of security experts from NYU Tandon School of Engineering competes with participating universities using a red team/blue team approach to mimic real-world attacks. Contestants must exploit the weaknesses of a target system, assess the effectiveness of their hardware security techniques, identify vulnerabilities and implement effective defense mechanisms. 

ESC is an educational, research-oriented tournament aimed at hacking into the hardware of embedded systems. In fact, it's the oldest hardware security competition in the world. Finalists compete at CSAW on-site at our four international locations (NYU Tandon, NYUAD, Grenoble-INP Esisar, and IITK). 

Details on the 2017 ESC competition coming soon! For competition details from CSAW'16, please see the ESC GitHub page.

Registration opens soon

CSAW'17 Qualification Round submission deadline: September 18, 2017
CSAW'17 Finals: November 9 - 11, 2017 at all international locations


Registration details to be
released on/by July 1, 2017



1st place team $1,000
2nd place team $750
3rd place team $500


Students and faculty leading ESC development.

Meet the experts who will be judging ESC.