Embedded Security Challenge Judges

2019 Final Judges for US-Canada

Sergey Panasyuk | Computer Engineer, AFRL - Air Force Research Laboratory

Mr. Panasyuk has 20 years of software engineering experience in commercial and public sectors. He works as a computer engineer at Air Force Research Laboratory in Rome, NY. His current research areas are agile and resilient systems, artificial system diversity, hardware and virtualization assisted high assurance platforms, and embedded systems security. Previous research focused on algorithm protection and integrity verification in untrusted environments, development of Linux kernel, and security evaluation of software components. Software development experience includes porting Linux kernel to ARM devices, Windows device driver development, design and development of distributed systems.

Ryan Craven | Program Officer, Cyber S&T, Office of Naval Research

Keith Rebello | Program Manager, DARPA /MTO

Mr. Rebello joined DARPA in October 2018. His research interests include materials, devices, and architectures for artificial intelligence, space, and cyber operations. Recently Mr. Rebello served as the technical director for emerging technologies and technical lead for emerging threats in the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence while on loan from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL)'s Cyber Operations Mission Area. He also worked at Intel Corporation, where he helped ramp a fab from technology development to manufacturing. Mr. Rebello has received the Hart Prize for best development project and for best research project.

Dan Walters | Principal Embedded Security Engineer, The MITRE Corporation

Terry Wang | Security Researcher, Intel Corporation

2019 Competition Details

Competition details for the 2019 Embedded Security Challenge.