2019 Agenda

Special Events Competitions Check-in & Information Food

Wednesday 6 november 

Welcome Reception for Capture the Flag Finalists              TBD
Capture the Flag 36-hour Competition Starts                20:00 h

Thursday 7 November 

Welcome Event for Finalists & Sponsor Keynotes18:00 h


Capture the Flag 36-hour Competition End 8:00 h
Welcome Reception for Sponsors, Judges, Visitors      9:00 h 
Red Team Competition Start (8-hour competition) 9:00 h  
Cybersecurity Exhibitions:                                                        
Career Fair
Cybersecurity Demos
10:00 h
Applied Research Competition Presentations                  
open to visitors                           
10:00 h
Embedded Security Challenge Presentations                         
open to visitors 
10:00 h 
End of Competitions                                                                     17:00 h 
Awards Ceremony                                                                      17:30 h
Networking & Closing Ceremony 19:00 h