CSAW'19 US-Canada Winning Teams 

Applied Research Competition
1st Place
True2F: Backdoor-resistant authentication tokens accessible here

Emma Dauterman (Stanford University & Google), Henry Corrigan-Gibbs (Stanford University), David Mazieres (Stanford University), Dan Boneh (Stanford University), and Dominic Rizzo (Google)

Presented by: Emma Dauterman

2nd Place
Practical Hidden Voice Attacks against Speech and Speaker Recognition Systems accessible here

Hadi Abdullah, Washington Garcia, Christian Peeters, Patrick Traynor, Kevin R. B. Butler, and Joseph N. Wilson (all University of Florida)

Presented by: Hadi Abdullah 

3rd Place

Dangerous Skills: Understanding and Mitigating Security Risks of Voice-Controlled Third-Party Functions on Virtual Personal Assistant Systems accessible here

Nan Zhang (Indiana University Bloomington), Xianghang Mi (Indiana University Bloomington), Xuan Feng (Beijing Key Laboratory of IOT Information Security Technology, Institute of Information Engineering, CAS), Xiaofeng Wang (Indiana University Bloomington), Yuan Tian (University of Virginia), and Feng Qian (University of Minnesota)

Presented by: Xianghang Mi

Capture The Flag
1st Place US-CAN & Global 1st Place, 6326 Points

perfect blue
Jasraj Bedi, University of Waterloo
Alex Lin, Purdue University
Sampriti Panda, Drexel University
Stephen Tong, Georgia Institute of Technology

2nd Place US-CAN & Global 3rd Place, 5201 Points

Sice Squad
Harrison Green, University of Pittsburgh
Chris Lambert, Carnegie Mellon University
Shwetark Patel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Claude Zou, University of Maryland

3rd Place US-CAN & Global 5th Place, 5151 Points

PPP, Carnegie Mellon University
Albert Gao, Samuel Kim, Artemis Tosini, Fan Pu Zeng 

Embedded Security Challenge
1st Place: Shellphish, UC Santa Barbara

Eric Gustafson, Lukas Dresel, Nilo Redini, Fabio Gritti

Faculty Advisor: Giovanni Vigna

2nd Place: pwndevils, Arizona State University

Zion Basque, Nathan Smith, Jayakrishna Menon, Akshay Ajayan
Faculty Advisors: Yan Shoshitaishvili

3rd Place: Kernel Sanders, University of Florida

Grant Hernandez, Hunter Searle, Owen Flannagan, Claire Seiler
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Butler 

1st Place: SNEKS AD, NYU Abu Dhabi

Cole Beasley and Pedro Velasquez

2nd Place: pwndevils, Arizona State University

Alex Manning and Erin Ozcan

3rd Place: AGGIES, Texas A&M University

Akash Tiwari, Maccoy Merrell, & Mutaz Melhem

1st Place - Defense 

DukeCEI, Duke University
Yukun Yang and Ximing Qiao

1st Place - Attack

Harrison Green (University of Pittsburgh), Will Gulian (Georgia Institute of Technology), Neil Thistlethwaite (Georgia Institute of Technology), Chris Lambert (Carnegie Mellon University), Ryan Weast (Penn State University), and Spencer Hua ((Georgia Institute of Technology) 

Logic Locking Conquest 
1st Place: CMU, Carnegie Mellon University 

Danielle Duvalsaint 

2nd Place: NuLogiCS, Northwestern University

Amin Rezaei and Yuanqi Shen

3rd Place: IO, University of California San Diego

Leon Li

Policy Competition
1st Place: Wesleyan University

Shuyuan Hung, Cher Qin, John Jiang, and Kevin Koech

2nd Place: United States Naval Academy

Byron Gallagher, Anthony Perry, Ian Flynn, and Rae-Kelly Hamilton

3rd Place: United States Naval Academy

Kameron Chumley, Cameron Cook, Brendan Reilly, and Brendan Henry

Red Team Competition
1st Place: b1c, Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Maryland

Jason An, Kevin Higgs, and Clarence Lam
Mentor: Peter Ostrander 

2nd Place: let_down, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, Plainsboro, New Jersey

Parth Shastri, Daniel Wang, and Eric Yang 

3rd Place: bluepwn, Bellevue, Washington 

Robert Chen, Daniel Lu, and Sherry Zhang 
Mentor: Tom Connolly 

Security Quiz Bowl
1st Place: perfect blue

Jasraj Bedi (University of Waterloo), Kevin Shen (University of Maryland, College Park), Sampriti Panda (Drexel University), and Stephen Tong (Georgia Institute of Technology

2nd: PPP, Carnegie Mellon University

Albert Gao, Samual Kim, Artemis Tosini, Fan Pu Zeng

3rd Place: G8ers, University of Florida

Grant Hernandez, Hunter Searle, Hadi Abdullah

Finalist Team

Ethan Wright, Devon Maloney, Andrew Fasano, Michael Jones