Conference Organizers - NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Ramesh Karri, Conference Lead

Nasir Memon, CSAW Founder 

Emerald Knox, CSAW Project Manager

Stef Daley, CSAW Global Competition Coordinator  

Kyle Martin, C2 Workshop Organizer 

Applied Research Competition - NYU Center for Cybersecurity 

Rasika Bhalerao, Co-Chair

Junaid Farooq, Co-Chair

Marina Moore, Co-Chair

Benjamin Tan, Competition Advisor 

Capture the Flag - NYU Tandon OSIRIS Lab 

Leon Chou, Global Challenge Co-Lead

Kent Ma, Global Challenge Co-Lead

Kyle Martin, Global Infrastructure Lead

Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Global Faculty Lead

Embedded Security Challenge - University of Delaware 

Patrick Cronin, Global Challenge Co-lead

Charles (Chaz) Gouert, Global Challenge Co-lead

Nektarios Tsoutsos, Global Faculty Lead

HackML Competition - NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Siddharth Garg, Faculty Co-lead

Brendan Dolan-Gavitt, Faculty Co-lead

Benjamin Tan, Post-Doc Lead; Competition Coordinator

Kang Liu, Student Lead

Logic Locking Conquest - NYU Center for Cybersecurity

Benjamin Tan, Competition Coordinator

Ramesh Karri, Faculty Lead 

Policy Competition - NYU Interdisciplinary 

Helen You, Competition Chair, NYU Graduate School of Arts & Science 

Emily Moffa, NYU College of Arts and Science and Wagner School of Public Service

Evan Robinson, NYU College of Arts and Science

Yun-Da Tsai, The George Washington University Law School; NYU CAS (alum)

Kristina Zheng, NYU College of Arts and Science

Terry Zhao, NYU College of Arts and Science

RED Team Competition - NYU Tandon OSIRIS Lab

Marcus Barbu, Global Challenge Co-Lead

John Cunniff, Global Challenge Co-Lead

Kyle Martin, Global Infrastructure Lead

Hack3D Competition - NYU Tandon, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Nishant Aswani, Challenge Co-lead

Michael Linares, Challenge Co-lead

Nikhil Gupta, Faculty Lead

Security Quiz - NYU Tandon OSIRIS Lab

Sai Vegasena, Challenge Co-Lead

Oskar Wirga, Challenge Co-Lead

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