C2 Security Workshop 

Brenda So & Trey Keown, Red Balloon Security| A Year in the Life of an ATM

Allyson O’Brien, BAE Systems | Quantum Cybersecurity 

William Woodruff, Trail of Bits| It's coming from inside the house: kernel space fault injection with KRF

Jordan Wiens & Rusty Wagner, Vector35 | Binary Ninja's approach to Reverse Engineering using IRs

Jeff Spielberg, River Loop Security | RF Protocol Vulnerabilities – By Design and Implementation

Brandon Edwards & Nick Gregory, Capsule8 | Using the Linux Tracing Subsystem for Security

Opening Keynote at Welcome Address

Neal Ziring | Technical Director, Cybersecurity Directorate, NSA 

Mr. Neal Ziring is the Technical Director for the National Security Agency (NSA)’s Cybersecurity Directorate. In that role, he is responsible for a wide variety of technical assessment, external engagement, workforce developments, and strategic direction issues for NSA’s cybersecurity mission. In his past position, he served as the Technical Director of the NSA Capabilities Directorate. In that role, he tracked technical initiatives, promoted the professional health of a diverse technical staff, and served as liaison to various external partners. Prior to the formation of the Capabilities Directorate, Mr. Ziring served as Technical Director of the Information Assurance Directorate for five years.

His personal expertise areas include security automation, IPv6, cloud computing, cross- domain information exchange, data access control, and cyber defense.

Prior to coming to NSA in 1988, Neal worked at AT&T Bell Labs. He has BS degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, and an MS degree in Computer Science, all from Washington University in St. Louis. Since then, he has also taken classes from Columbia University, the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and George Washington University.

NYU Center for Cybersecurity Luncheon Keynote 

Ed Amoroso | CEO, TAG Cyber

Closing Keynote Address at Award Ceremony sponsored by DTCC 

Inna Amir | Executive Director of Application Development Area for Enterprise Data Solutions, DTCC

Christopher Walsh | Executive Director of Risk Analytics, DTCC 

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