Our newest competition, Hack3D serves to raise awareness in both scientific and manufacturing communities about the need for anti-counterfeiting methods in 3D printing.

In the Qualifying Round, competitors are tested in reverse engineering a 3D CAD model based on the G-code file which contains toolpath and coordinates information.

In the Final Round, teams will compete in 3D printing high-quality parts using CAD files that have been embedded with anti-counterfeiting features.

Students who are interested in CAD solid modeling, reverse-engineering, and rapid prototyping are highly encouraged to register. 

Participation Regions

  • CSAW US-Canada - hosted by NYU Tandon School of Engineering


June 5, 2019: Registration Opens. Qualification Round instructions are distributed to registered teams on a rolling basis (approximately once a week)

September 15, 2019: Registration closes 

September 22, 2019: Qualification Round submissions are due

No later than October 7, 2019: Finalist notification

November 7 - 8, 2019: in-person Final competition  

Interest List

Add your name and we will email you when registration is live. 


Student Leads + Faculty Advisors

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Final round experts for Hack3D

Awards given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

See the finalists of the Hack3D competition.

The Hack3D winners of CSAW'18.