( listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Montse_Devars_Headshot.pngMontserrat Devars Peralta, Challenge Lead, CTF & Red Team Competition

Montse Devars is a senior student of Computing technology and telecommunications engineering in Universidad Iberoamericana, Campus Santa Fe. She has been volunteer in TAGDF (technology and art fest) and she worked for Universidad Iberoamericana at in the academic computation department helping with UX and optimization of some web apps that the University use. She is a curious person who loves learning about different things, specially how technology works and its impact in people’s life.

Headshot_Edgar_Ortiz.pngEdgar Ortiz Loyola Rivera Melo, Conference Lead

Received his M.Sc. in Master in Science in Telecommunications and Information Systems, from the University of Essex in the United Kingdom in 1995. Studied Electronics and Communications Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana, from January 1985 to December 1989.

Current Position : Head of Department. Engineering Studies for Innovation. Since October 2017

Former Positions:
Coordinator of the Master of Management in Technology Innovation program (2012-2017)
Coordinator of the Electronics Engineering programs (2001-2006)

Academic programs (developed as part of a team in Electronics Engineering Coordination):
-Master of Management in Technology Innovation (2012)
-Engineering in Computing and Telecommunications Technologies (2014)
-Engineering in Mechatronics and Production (2004, 2014)

-Virtualization laboratory (computer networks, security)
-Telecommunications laboratory
-Application development laboratory (Unix/thin clients)


Ana Paulina Salazar Bejar, Challenge Lead, CTF & RED Team Competition 

Paulina Salazar is a senior student of engineering in Computing technology and telecommunications in Universidad Iberoamericana, Campus Santa Fe with a 90% scholarship thanks to academic merit. She has worked for Universidad Iberoamericana as a TA (teacher assistant) in Coding 101 and Design of Digital Systems. She is an enthusiastic young woman who loves learning and is always ready to solve any problem that needs facing.


Santiago Torres Arias, Global Liaison for CSAW Mexico

Santiago is a fourth-year Ph.D. Student at NYU’s Center for Cyber Security (CCS) under the guidance of Prof. Justin Cappos. His interests include binary analysis, cryptography, operating systems, and security-oriented software engineering. His current research focuses on securing the software development lifecycle, password storage mechanisms, and update systems. Santiago is a member of the Arch Linux security team and has contributed patches to F/OSS projects on various degrees of scale, including Git, the Linux Kernel, NeoMutt, and the Briar project. Santiago is also a developer for The Update Framework (TUF) and the lead of the in-toto project.

Felipe_Trujillo_Fernandez_Headshot.pngFelipe Trujillo Fernández, Faculty Lead, Capture the Flag & Red Team Competition  

Felipe Antonio Trujillo Fernández, is an Electronics Engineer from the Iztapalapa Metropolitan Autonomous Metropolitan University, Master in Engineering from the Universidad Iberoamericana, Diploma in Higher Education from the Simón Bolívar University, Diploma in Six Sigma Methodology from the  Universidad Iberoamericana.

He has twenty-five years of experience as a university professor at the undergraduate and master's level, he was a graduate coordinator in Quality Engineering for eight years, currently coordinates the Diplomas in Technology in the Directorate of Continuing Education at the Universidad Iberoamericana; he is a board member and secretary of the Technical Council of the graduate in Quality Engineering, he is a member of ASQ, he belongs to the Impartiality Committee for the Systems & Services Certification sector of SGS of Mexico, also to the Academic Committee for the Validation of Reagents of the Intermediate Exam Basic Sciences of Engineering (EXIL-CBI), of the National Center of Evaluation for Higher Education, AC CENEVAL, coordinated the last update of the curriculum of the Master's Degree in Quality Engineering, it is also substitute of the Committee of Vigilance and Impartiality for the Organization Certification Body of the Company TUV Rheinland de México, SA de CV.

He has four technical reviews published by different publishers, one for Java Language, two for Digital Electronics and one for Computer Networks.

He has directed several theses in undergraduate and postgraduate levels, has been a synod of undergraduate exams, has also attended congresses, conferences and courses. 


Antonio_Carlos_Cardena_Matamoros_Headshot.pngAntonio Carlos Cardeña Matamoros, RED Team Judge                               

Full-time faculty in Electronic Engineering since November 2017. Specializes in the development of web applications. For 4 years he has taught at the Universidad Iberoamericana on topics related to software engineering, web application development and programming fundamentals. He has collaborated with the Coordination of Academic Computing for almost 10 years in the development and administration of computer projects.

He received a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Systems and Computer Science and a Master's Degree in Information Technology Services Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México.

He has also worked in private companies and government, performing different functions. Of the most important functions for his career have been: systems auditor, chief of security and access control, sale and after-sales software, consultancy in the implementation of computer projects, teaching computer classes from maternal to third year of high school. He likes to play the guitar and learn more about the culture of Mexico.

Dante Bazaldua, RED Team Mentor

Undergraduate student of Computing Technology and Telecommunications Engineering at Universidad Iberoamericana with experience in software development mainly in web technologies. I develop software for RPC division at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN).

I collaborated with Qiita, a project from University of California San Diego about microbiome in the field of software development for web platforms.

I’m a computer science and security enthusiastic who loves technology and how it works to have a better life.