The Law & Policy Competition challenges contestants to think about the big picture of cyber security law, policy, economics, and governance.

Students are given a prompt that touches on important cyber security policy issues. They respond with a proposal that engages the issues in the prompt, bringing original ideas and a multi-disciplinary approach.

The top teams compete on-site at the finals, where they present a revised and expanded version of their work to a panel of experts, who evaluate the feasibility of their proposals, their understanding of the issues at play, the creativity of their ideas and more.

Registration Opens mid-May

Submission Phase:
July 1-September 15, 2017
Finalists Announced by:
October 6, 2017
Finals onsite at CSAW:
November 9-11, 2017

Students and faculty leading Law & Policy.

Law & Policy rules and how it all works.

Submission guide + FAQ for Law & Policy.

Meet the experts who will be judging Law & Policy.