Competition Overview

IIT Kanpur, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and the NYU Policy Case Competition are proud to present the CSAW’18 Policy Competition. CSAW is the largest student-run cyber security event in the world, featuring international competitions, workshops, and industry events. This year, the Policy Case Competition Committee has joined CSAW to develop this competition. Students from various educational backgrounds who are interested in the nexus of policy and emerging technology issues are invited to think critically about major cyber security policy issues affecting society, challenge the status quo, and impact the cyber industry by presenting their ideas to leaders within the field.

Qualification Round Eligibility & Rules
  1. Competitors must be students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program in India as of September 14, 2018. Students are not required to be part of the same institution, program, or educational fields to participate. Interdisciplinary collaboration is encouraged.
  2. Teams of 2 to 4 students are permitted.
Qualification Round Requirements

The qualification round of the competition has two components: team registration and a policy paper. The top four (4) teams with the highest overall scores will be selected to participate in the final round competition.

Team Registration, Deadline: September 10, 2018

The first step is for teams to fill out the Policy Competition Registration Form here:

Registration is free.

Policy Paper, Deadline: September 25, 2018

Each team must submit a paper, 1,500 - 3,000 words (not including citations), double-spaced with 12-pt Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins, and in a PDF format. All submissions should be emailed to

Cyber Security Policy Topics

Policy papers must focus on cybersecurity aspects of ONE of the following topics:

  1. BitCoin/Cryptocurrencies
  2. Big Data
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Information Sharing
  5. Data Security/Breaches
  6. Encryption and Law Enforcement Investigations

All papers should address the following points:

  • Selected topic
  • Brief background of the specific issue at hand. (Please note that teams must address a particular aspect of a topic. Teams have the freedom to decide which aspect they’d like to focus on.)
  • Audience this proposal is directed to
  • Proposed policy solution
  • Potential setbacks you anticipate with your policy
  • Funding information
  • Political feasibility
  • Institutional support
  • Legal analysis (if applicable)
  • Business analysis (if applicable)
Final Round Notification

Teams will be notified as to whether they have advanced to the the final round by October 5, 2018 via email.

Final Round Overview

Two (2) members from each team will receive a Travel Award to CSAW India to present their policy proposals to a panel of judges at IITK. Team members will be required to verify their enrollment before officially receiving a Travel Award..

Final Round Dates & Location

November 8 - 10, 2018
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpurz
Kanpur UP 208016

Travel arrangements will be coordinated by IITK. For planning purposes, Finalists should plan to arrive to IITK on Thursday, November 8. Presentations will take place on Friday, November 9 and an Award Ceremony will be held on Saturday, November 10.

Final Round Requirements

The Final Round has two required components, both with a submission deadline of November 5, 2018. All components should be emailed to

Updated Final Policy Paper

After the first round, teams will be able to revise and elaborate on their proposals with a more liberal word count (8,000-word limit). All teams must submit the final version of their policy paper by November 5. This document will be given to all judges prior to the final round. No extensions will be given.

Final Presentations

Teams are not required to use a presentation deck (e.g. PowerPoint), but for those teams who wish to complement their presentation with visual aids, etc., presentation decks must be emailed in advance, by November 5. No extensions will be given.

Each team will have 30 minutes for their presentation with about half that time devoted to answering judges questions.

Presentations are open to the public.

Teams will be assessed by the judges panel following a general grading guidelines provided by the Committee. These guidelines will be presented to teams when finalists are announced.

The top three teams will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

Travel Awards & Prize

Two (2) Travel Awards will be presented to each team advancing to Finals. The Travel Award includes transportation to IITK’s campus, hostel room, and most meals. Students will be informed of all specific costs covered when they are invited to finals.

Prizes will be award as followed (to be distributed in late November 2018):

First Place Team: INR 25,000
Second Place: INR 15,000
Third Place: INR 10,000

Contact the Policy Competition Committee

Please direct your inquiries to

India Registration

Register for the CSAW India Policy Competition.