Policy Competition Judges

Final Judges 

Kimon Keramidas | Clinical Associate Professor, NYU College of Arts & Science, Center for Experimental Humanities 

Kimon Keramidas is a cultural historian whose research focuses on the study of media and technology through the lenses of political economy and sociology of culture. This research approaches media and technology from an interdisciplinary perspective that unpacks complex micro-and macro-scale concerns in a way that makes the impact of technology on our lives more apparent at the global, local and personal level. The goal of this work is to encourage a better understanding of how the hardware and software experiences of our digital culture influence the ways in which we work, play, learn, and communicate as a society. Kimon’s most recent project was the exhibition The Interface Experience: Forty Years of Personal Computing which presented some of the most ubiquitous objects in the history of personal computing in tactile and interactive displays. This exhibition offered visitors a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the history of the design and material experience of computers, and aimed at stimulating personal questions about how interaction with these devices has influenced each of our lives. Future projects include a book on the role of intellectual property rights and corporate media ownership on the field of contemporary theatrical production and a digital publication that uses print, video, and web advertisements from the personal computing industry to present a non-linear exploration of how the computer industry and press has deployed rhetoric and imagery to shape demand and user purchasing practices. Continued here....

Cecilia Marinier | Program Director, Innovation & Scholars, RSA Conference 

Cecilia Marinier leads RSA Conference’s Innovation and Education efforts. She is the Creator and Steward of the RSAC Security Scholars program and RSAC College Day. In addition, she also heads up the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Contest, RSAC Launch Pad, RSAC Early Stage Expo and RSAC Sandbox to expose attendees to cutting-edge technologies and best hands-on practices for the field. Prior to working at RSAC, she spent seven years with Monitor 360, a boutique firm that develops new approaches to the vexing problems facing the US Government Intelligence Community. She also served on the Commonwealth Club’s Inforum Board and currently serves on the US Customs Museum Board. She holds a master in public affairs from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

Shawn Swartout | Sr. Director of Cybersecurity, Head of Cyber Investigations, TIAA

Shawn Swartout has over seventeen years of security and risk management experience within the financial services, department of defense, and technology industries. Shawn is the Sr. Director of Cyber Investigations where he leads functions that include Insider Threat, Cyber Fraud Investigations and Cyber Analytics.

Prior to joining TIAA, Shawn evaluated, managed, and evolved clients’ security programs, as a member of Leviathan Security Group, by developing strategic plans, threat models, and assessments of organization’s cybersecurity and risk management programs.

Shawn formally directed and executed the security, fraud, Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and anti-money laundering compliance programs within Sterling Bank, a multi-billion dollar super-regional financial institution with prior locations throughout Washington, Montana, California and Idaho.

As a previous information security officer with Washington Mutual Bank, Shawn encouraged the proper integration of information security requirements; developed business plans, published information security strategies, policies, procedures and supported business sponsored projects. Shawn mitigated threats to company proprietary and customer confidential information and assets by conducting security assessments of company locations throughout the United States and ensured the appropriate implementation of physical, operational and technical controls. 

Preliminary Review Committee / Judges

Isabella Irtifa | Columbia University 

Jane Lee | NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science

Emily Moffa | NYU College of Arts and Science and Wagner School of Public Service

Cole Rabinowitz | NYU School of Law

Evan Robinson | NYU College of Arts and Science

Mo Satt | NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Chad Thiemann | Privacy Director - CVS Health & Adjunct Professor – Dallas Baptist University

Yun-Da Tsai | Copywriter & Senior Advisor, The George Washington University Law School (NYU CAS ‘19)

Helen You | NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science

Terry Zhao | NYU College of Arts and Science

Olivia Zhu | NYU School of Law 

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