The information below pertains to CSAW North America. For details regarding Security Quiz in other CSAW regions, please visit those specific websites here: CSAW EuropeCSAW IndiaCSAW MENA

Cyber security quiz bowl is a face-off for techies.

This year, Security Quiz at CSAW North America will be run in two rounds:

The Qualification round will be a large, open session where local student teams will face off against one-another. 

The Finals session will be organized as a buzzer-based academic bowl competition. The teams that emerge from Quals will compete for top place during the Final tournament, held just before the CSAW Award Ceremony. 

Teams are tested on a range of topics related to cyber security, including:

Network Security Cryptography Malware
Application & Web Security Protocols & Programming History
Current Events Pop Culture Digital Forensics
Policy Hardware Control Systems

Qualification Round TBD

The Qualification Round is open to both NYU and non-NYU students. 

Note: CSAW Finalists are automatically registered for Quiz and do not need to register again. 

CSAW'18 Final Competition (on-site):
November 8 - 11, 2018 at all participating international locations


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for CSAW'18 North America.


Students and faculty leading Security Quiz.

Rules and guidelines for Security Quiz.

Meet the experts who will be judging Security Quiz.

Awards given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

The CSAW'17 winners of Security Quiz.