Security Quiz Rules

The information below pertains to CSAW North America. For details regarding Security Quiz in other CSAW regions, please visit those specific websites here: CSAW Europe, CSAW India, CSAW MENA

What is Security Quiz Bowl?

Security Quiz Bowl is similar to an academic bowl competition. Teams face off across two rounds, being tested on a range of topics related to cyber security. For example, network security, cryptography, malware, protocols and programming, digital forensics, hardware, and popular culture.

This competition is organized by NYU student leaders as part of CSAW’17 North America. Now in it’s 14th year, CSAW is the world’s largest student-run cyber security event.

Who can participate in Security Quiz Bowl?

The CSAW'17 Security Quiz Bowl Qualification Round is open to students enrolled in either high school or college/university in Fall 2017. While not required, students are expected to have some background knowledge in computer science/engineering and security topics to be successful in this competition.

Registration is not limited to students living in New York City, but please note that this is an in-person competition. Team members are responsible for traveling to/from New York University for the Qualification Round and Finals in November 2017. Travel Awards on not issued for Security Quiz Bowl.

Prior to registering, student teams should review the dates for each round of Security Quiz to ensure participation.

What are the rules concerning team formation?

Following the academic bowl tradition, teams must consist of 2 - 4 team members. Teams with only a single player are not permitted. Additionally, players are permitted to compete on only one (1) team.

What are the rules of play dURING FINALS?

Each competition session consists of rounds that fall under two possible categories:

Toss-Up rounds (5 points): The first team who buzzes can answer. If they are correct, they gain 5 points. If they are incorrect, they lose 5 points.

Bonus rounds (3 points): If a team answers a toss-up question correctly, they can answer a follow-up question for 3 additional points. No points are lost if a bonus question is answered incorrectly.

Every question will be read out loud by the judge. On a normal (toss-up) round, any member of a team may press their buzzer to indicate that they would like to answer a question. If the judge has not finished reading the question, he will pause reading until the team spokesperson provides an answer. Should that team get the answer wrong, 5 points will be subtracted from that team, and other teams are then allowed to buzz in to answer the question, or ask the judge to finish or repeat the question. Should a team answer correctly, the team will be assigned 5 points, and the judge will read out a bonus question answerable only by that team. On answering correctly, they will receive a bonus of 3 points, otherwise the game will continue to the next toss-up round. Should no team successfully answer the question within 30 seconds, the judge will read out the correct answer and continue to the next toss-up round.

Should two teams or more teams have the same amount of points, a final toss-up round will occur to determine the winner of the session.

WHAT IS the date oF The Qualification Round Sessions?

Thursday, November 9, 2017 at ~7:15 PM. We invite teams to arrive at 5:00 PM for our Welcome Reception. 

Location: NYU Tandon School of Engineering, 5 MetroTech Center (Dibner Bldg.), Pfizer Auditorium, Brooklyn, NY 11201

How do I register for a Qualification Round Session?

Individuals should register here to be included on the guest list: Guest Registration 

NOTE: CSAW Finalists do not need to register as we already expect you to be onsite during this event. 

How are the Qualification Rounds organized?

The Qualification Round session is organized as a large, open session with many student teams. The session will last ~60 minutes (10 minutes rules, 30 minutes for the actual quiz bowl, and ~20 minutes for the CSAW raffle).

A moderator from the NYU OSIRIS Lab will serve as the host, reading out questions and answers. An assistant will keep track of points.

Each Qualification Round session will have 30 - 40 questions.

How do teams qualify for Finals?

The top three (3) teams with the most points at the end of semi-finals will move on to finals.

When is the date of the Final round?

The date of the Security Quiz Bowl final is Saturday, November 11 at ~9:15 AM. It will be held on the Pfizer Auditorium stage at NYU Tandon School of Engineering.

How is the Final round organized?

The top 3 teams who emerge from semi-finals will compete in finals, which will last ~ 30 minutes.

A moderator associated with the NYU OSIRIS Lab will serve as the host, reading out questions and answers. An assistant will keep track of points.

Finals will have 30 questions.

How are winners from Finals determined?

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams are determined based on total points earned during the Final session.

What prizes are awarded to the top teams at Finals?

1st place team $1,000

2nd place team $750

3rd place team $500

Whom should I contact if I have further questions?

Stef Daley - 

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