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CSAW Europe at Grenoble INP - Esisar


Stéphanie Chollet, Regional Chair 

Dr. Stéphanie Chollet is an Associate Professor at the Grenoble Institute of Technology and is member of the LCIS lab. She received her PhD from Grenoble University in 2009 under the direction of Prof. Lalanda. Her research interest is in the design and integration of security properties in complex and heterogeneous systems.

CSAW India-Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur


Mohamed Asan Basiri, Regional Chair 

I have completed my B.E. (Electronics and Communication Engineering) and M.E. (Embedded Systems) from Anna University, Tamilnadu in 2009 and 2011 respectively. I obtained a Ph.D. degree from Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM) Kancheepuram, India in July 2016. My Ph.D. work mainly focuses on VLSI architectures for various discrete transformations such as DWT, FFT, DHT, and integer DCT. Also, it includes the basic signal processing elements such as MAC, multi-precision multiplier, an efficient high fan-in multiplexer.

Currently, I work as a Post Doctoral Fellow in the department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur, India, where my research deals with asynchronous crypto hardware implementations, Galois arithmetic, Bloom filter based payload matching, decision tree/TCAM based packet classification, backplane switch interconnects, and hardware-software co-designs using Artix-7 FPGA with Xilinx and Cadence ASIC design tool (Genus and Innovus). My research interest includes VLSI architectures for cryptography, signal processing, network packet processing elements, and reconfigurable designs.


Applied_Research_Icon.pngYair Allouche, Regional Co-Chair 

Dr. Yair Allouche is a security researcher in IBM's Cybersecurity Center of Excellence at Ben Gurion University, where his current research focuses on security of connected vehicles. Dr. Allouche earned a Ph.D. degree in Communication Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University in 2013. His doctoral dissertation, which was supported by a major vehicle manufacturer, focused on advanced algorithms for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs). Dr. Allouche has authored several patents on securing connected vehicles against cyber attacks, and he is considered an IBM focal point of expertise on this topic.

Applied_Research_Icon.pngYossi Oren, Regional Co-Chair 

Dr. Oren is a Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor in U.S. terms) in the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering at Ben-Gurion University. He is also a member of BGU's Cyber Security Research Center. Dr. Oren's research interests are:

Secure Hardware: Side channel attacks such as power analysis and other hardware attacks and countermeasures on cryptographic devices; Low-resource cryptographic constructions for lightweight computers such as RFID tags.

Cryptography in the real world: Consumer and voter privacy in the digital era; Web application security


CSAW North America-NYU Tandon School of Engineering

Durmus.pngEmre Durmus, Mentor

Emre Durmus is a Ph.D. student at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. He received the Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering from Koc University and Master of Art degree in Computer Science from Brooklyn College. His research interests include digital forensics, biometrics, and network security.

Applied_Research_Icon.pngMohammed Shayan Omais, Mentor